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Our Team

Editor in Chief

Maiko Inoue, PhD, Director

Plant scientist, Medical herb coordinator,

Director of Horticulture therapy and Zen (NPO)

My major is medicinal and aromatic plants, horticulture therapy, and plant molecular genetics. 

“What point of plant can alleviate human?” this question was trigger to bring me into medicinal and aromatic plants world from molecular genetics which was my major. And I started a study “People plant interaction which can alleviate human stress” in University of Massachusetts Amherst, Medicinal plants program. After I came back to Japan, I worked my organization “Horticulture therapy and Zen” as a director. Regularly tours take place at temple and medicinal plant garden for study about phytotherapy, medicinal plants and spices, and Zen. Recently, I am providing horticulture therapy using hydroponic boxes for the aged suffered dementia in several homes.  


Horticulture: Plants for People and Places, Volume 2. Chapter 18 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants-Uses and Functions 645-669 Springer

Recent issued


Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Back to Nature. Chapter 5 Culture, History and Applications of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Japan 95-110 INTECH

Advisory Board

Shinichro Hayashi, Pharmacist, Representative Director

Representative Director of GREEN FLASK Inc.

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