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We have a medicinal herb garden in Hamamatsu, Japan. The drawing indicate a general view of garden. Many domestic medicinal plants inhabit here. We introduce these plants one by one. Enjoy!!


Camellia japonica:  Height is 3-6 m, evergreen tree, in September to October the fruits were harvested and dried. Oil is extracted by compression. The oil is including oleic acid which is monounsaturated fatty acids, for 80-85%, that means not easily oxidized. The oil has a property for a horny moisture-retaining due to the covering skin and prevention the transpiration. The cooking oil is frequency used in many Japanese restaurants because of the good flavor and stability. Historically, Camellia japonica was loved by the family that inherits the shogunate and called “The queen of seasonal flowers arranged for a tea ceremony” because of its novelty and charm.

Artemisia princeps Height is 60 to 120 cm, dried leaves are used for crude drug. The leaf includes tannin, essential oil (ex. Cineol and camphor), fatty acid, and various vitamins. Artemisia princeps is used for a stomachic, stomachache, diarrhea, and bleeding as a folk medicine and foods. The white hair of back side of leaf is uses for moxa treatment in western medicine. The Ainu believes that Artemisia princeps is the first grass which showed up in this world in their folk story, and the hanging bouquet could prevent an evil departed sprit due to the supernatural power.

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