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Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has decided to lift the ban on domestic use of medical and pharmaceutical products made by marijuana plants which is regulated by a law in Japan. They allow manufacturing and sales by pharmaceutical manufacturers and import from overseas with national approval. 

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Autumn Seminar in Saikenji-Temple & Online (Zoom)!!


The seminar "Zen & phytotherapy, Save you by yourself" will take place in  October 23 at Saikenji Temple in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

We will invite three prominent lecturers, Shinichro Hayashi, Taeko Shishido, Koten Inoue. Promise you absolutely can enjoy the seminar including Zen practice, lectures of phytotherapy, daruma talk, and questions and answers of Zen. It will be unforgettable day for you. The seminar will be started at 13:00. The cost is 4,000 yen including tax. If you are interested, please contact us. Register Now!!

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