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We are a plant scientist and a top leader of integrated medicine. We are happy to share a latest news, our ideas, and useful information about health, life, study, and culture what we know about Japan. We trust this is only the site to provide many information from the interdisciplinary viewpoints. We hope you love our site and more people have interests in Japan.   



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There are many indigenous and domestic herbs in Japan. Those herbs are used for health, beauty, and daily life since long ago. Practically, most of herbs and essential oils in the markets are imported from other countries in these days. However many people feel more comfortable and familiar with domestic herbs and essential oils than imported one, it is also true. Some of herbs or essential oils are really rare for the people of other countries. And the medicinal properties are also remarkable.  Forest in Japan accounts for 70% of the land. Some sorts of tree are great materials for distillation the essential oils, such as Hinoki, Sugi, and Kuromoji.  Producing domestic products accelerate vitalization of the local area.    



​A topic will be provided depending on the interests of the time. We are very happy receiving your opinions. Let's share your ideas for everybody of the world!!

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We review of researches mainly performed in Japan. There are many unique academic associations and researches. Not only scientific but also practical researches will be reviewed and you can use for your work as a reference if need. You will see some progresses of researches in Japan. We believe it is useful for foreigners because many remarkable researches were reported in Japanese.  

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Do you know our traditional cultures such as Sa-do, Ko-do, Zen, a folk remedy, Kampo, and Tinjunomori? Here, we are introducing our attractive cultures and explain about the detail with even historical background. If you love some, just try! We promise you will love Japan more and more.  



It's totally free talk (willy-nilly!) and no limit. We talk sometimes serious and sometimes relax. We indulge ourselves in unique thoughts.